Friday, 4 March 2016

The Birthday Dinner

Whenever I make meals for others I never seem to do things by halves. Just like I still haven't learned how to pack lightly, I have yet to master the art of doing simple yet fancy meals. Although this time I may have gotten close.

Instead of going out for dinner this year my dad decided that he wanted a home cooked meal instead. Originally this was going to be a collaborative cook between myself and my mum but since she's not really a fan of cooking (correction - she hates it and would live off toast if she didn't have to cook dinners for my dad), we came up with the menu together and I cooked it all. Which I was more than happy with...I don't really do having another person in the kitchen whilst I cook unless I ACTUALLY need their help. So instead my mum was my 'sous chef' for the day. Which she instantly regretted half way through me cooking the main course when she saw the amount of dishes, pans and utensils I had used!

But back to the food because that's why you're all here right?

Starter was an antipasti sharer of cold Italian meats, mozzarella, sundries tomatoes, tuna pâté, olive tapenade, and a homemade rosemary focaccia that I like to think Mr Hollywood would approve of for a first attempt...apart from the baking paper sticking to the bottom of the bread, oops!

Main was steak (salmon for the pescetarian mother), garlic and rosemary crushed potatoes, balsamic shallots and steamed green beans. As I'm on my prep diet, I was able to join in with steak and sweet potato with green beans. 

But the best part...the cake!

I made a gingerbread cake with whisky buttercream and a whisky caramel sauce - unbelievable!

I used a recipe from one of my many cookbooks Decorated by April Carter.
I bought this book without even having a proper look at the recipes but as soon as I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it for my dad as he is an avid whisky drinker.

Overall the meal was a fantastic success. I really do love cooking for other people. It makes me so happy to see them enjoy something I have created!

I got my steaks from a new mail order company called Meat Head who specialise in high quality meats sourced from butchers local to the company base. All meat is hand cut on the day of dispatch and you can get £5 off your first order from them using my code GillianL

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